Inspiration made reel

Dane Hansen

The value of film for youths is being realised in local areas with the help of Livingit Ubuntu Film Festival and the Woordfees.


Livingit Ubuntu Film Festival aims to give youths fresh perspective in life, using film as a tool.

According director of Livingit Ubuntu Film Festival, Ronel Geldenhuys the aim is “to have an impact that is as big as possible. The hope is for South Africans to see each other in a positive light by breaking down social boundaries.”

“We use film to illustrate how we are feeling, and hopefully, the viewers will be able to resonate with that.”

She said the present time has become a difficult place to live in with little peace, “the world is too full of chaos. Change is possible, and we need to show that change can be made”

“The aim isn’t for them to eventually land up in film one day, but film is rather used as a tool. It is a platform for expression and to build a world that is liveable.”

Geldenhuys says the impact on youths is significant and the impact is wide ranging affecting many youths in different ways

The Ubuntu film festival targets local youth as a whole, “some children might come from Khayelitsha where others might have grown up with parents that are filmmakers.”

“It is an opportunity for many different young people, and with that we are changing the future.”

The festival challenges youngsters that are inspired to create and enter five-minute-long short films. On Sunday 13 March, the top five short film will be shown at Oude Libertas Auditorium, and will be awarded R6000 each, coupled with short courses at City Varsity film school.




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