‘Success as essential as breathing’ – BASC chair

Laykin Rudolph

“As badly as you want to breathe, that’s how badly you should want to be successful,” said Mark Fowler, BA Student Committee Chairperson (BASC), who addressed grade 12 pupils at the WOW day.

Personal of WOW PHOTO: Laykin Rudolph

He has been involved with WOW since his first year at the university.

“WOW is a channel to the community, especially with their involvement with schools in underprivileged areas,” he said.

Mark has been involved with various forms of motivational speaking over the years and speaking to big crowds of people has never been a problem for him. He shared his story of being an unwanted child with the pupils.

“My mom actually went for an abortion, three months later she found out it didn’t work.” As a child Mark was sexually molested and has this year found himself comfortable enough to share this personal story with others.

“Rape has become so prevalent in society, a lot of rape victims don’t speak out about it, they feel ashamed about it,” he said. He hopes his story will help other victims to speak out.

Currently completing a degree in BA International Relations at Stellenbosch University (SU), he says he chose to study BA as it produces the professions that are at the heart of society.

“We often work with social issues; we’re the glue that keeps everything together.”

Mark says he will continue to speak out about issues affecting society and do motivational speaking.

“My story is not my story, it’s my community’s story, and if it can have an impact on anyone else’s life, that I won’t be scared to share it.”


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