Bare-breasted protestors interrupt book launch

Amy Gibbings

Bare-breasted female students interrupted a performance at De Vette Mossel to stage a protest.

Cookbook show
via @izakdevries (Twitter)

An hour into the cookbook launch, Sjef Snoekie laat die potte sing, 30 female protestors entered the venue. According to Niel Du Bois, owner of De Vette Mossel, the women were “bare breasted, with black rubbish bags over their heads.”

“They took hold of microphones and started to shout. The performers, Marietta Kruger and Marlise Scheepers, left the stage quietly soon after the protests started.”

The protestors danced on tables and proceeded to throw wine and water on the audience. Du Bois said, “crude racist comments and rhetoric were shouted by the protestors.”

One of the comments made to the audience was, “you stole our land”, they also called shocked festival goers “wit varke.”

A blogger who calls herself HJKim said on Facebook the protest was, “against white supremacy and patriarchy after rape threats were made against comrades from Open Stellenbosch by Afriforum members during a march the previous day.”

“The comrade who was making a statement did not even finish before slurs of ‘go home’ by the white audience were made,” she wrote.

Du Bois commented said that the audience was very shocked. “They were dumbfounded and consisted of mainly middle aged festival goers – they had nothing to do with the university, nor the alleged threat of rape.”

Protesters refused to comment on the protest or their reasons for staging it at this particular event.

Marc Rudolph, secretary general and policy officer of the Stellenbosch University (US) student representative council, said: “The privileged have too many comfortable spaces and continue creating them at the expense of the necessary issues that need to be addressed.”

Open Stellenbosch commented on the incident by pledging continued disruption of “patriarchal spaces”.

“We can no longer ignore the acts of aggression and sexual violence against women,” the group insisted.

Regional head of Afriforum, Marcus Pawson, said, “we are taking the allegations very seriously at this stage and are conducting an investigation to establish whether there are merits to the allegations.”

The show commenced shortly after the protesters left the venue.



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