MarySibande_ThePurpleShallGovern_USMuseum_'Succession of 3 Ages' (ellen agnew)ellen agnew (photographer and writer)
Mary Sibande’s ‘Succession of 3 Ages’ for her exhibition, The Purple Shall Govern

Sibande in words

Ellen Agnew

US Museum – In a time when South Africa seems in turmoil with its identity as a ‘Rainbow Nation’, Mary Sibande’s exhibition The Purple Shall Govern, attempts to visually make sense of it.

MarySibande_ThePurpleShallGovern_USMuseum_'Succession of 3 Ages' (ellen agnew)ellen agnew (photographer and writer)
PHOTO: Ellen Agnew

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Ben Schoeman delivers in Stellenboasch

Ellen Agnew

Internationally renowned pianist, Ben Schoeman, has said there is a severe lack of music and arts education in South Africa.

Schoeman in Concert_BenSchoeman_EndlerHall__AninaVisser (photographer), ellenagnew (author)
PHOTO: Ellen Agnew

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Saartjie Botha – breaking down barriers at Woordfees

Jay-Dee Cyster

“My greatest fear was that people would be afraid.”

Saartjie Botha
PHOTO: Nation Nyoka

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Rob van Vuuren: from comedy to children’s theatre

Storm Mudde

Weltevreden Estate – Actor-comedian Rob van Vuuren and his wife, Danielle Bischoff, debuted their proudly South African children’s book and theatre experience, at Woordfees.

Rob van Vuuren 01
PHOTO: Storm Mudde

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Woordfees pays tribute to late Randall Wicomb

Lauren Klaasen

“My father was often absent as a father figure. The book was a way to remember him. For us as a family it was healing and therapeutic.”

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Rainbow Scars – Asking questions through theatre

Jay-Dee Cyster

Luckhoff High School – “With the pen and theatre we can get under the skin of the nation, to begin to expose what things are really like underneath.”

Rainbow Scars 1.jpg

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I have my words and I have my expression – Adrian ‘Diff’ Van Wyk

Boipelo Mokgothu   


AMAZINK – Through a “rap battle” to former prime minister DF Malan, the award-winning performance poet and writer, Adrian ‘Diff’ van Wyk, managed to make some audience members shift uncomfortably in their seats while others were left to ponder his message.

Adrian Van Wyk. Picture taken by Courtney Koopman
PHOTO: Courtney Koopman

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Giving a voice to the voiceless

Saarah Survé

Spier – The aim of the musical, Philida van de Delta, is to give a voice to the voiceless and to hear their stories through song.

Philida van de Delta 5.jpg
PHOTO: Saarah Surve


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Yolande Korkie: Elke mens het ’n Al-Kaïda

Janie du Plessis

Elke mens word deur iets in sy lewe gevange gehou. Wie of wat is jou Al-Kaïda?

Yolande 1.jpg
FOTO: Janie du Plessis

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Lack of funding poses a threat to festivals

Nation Nyoka

The arts industry in South Africa often struggle financially due to a lack of external funding and bureaucratic red tape.

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